AmeriGlide Express Dumbwaiter


No more wrestling with heavy loads of laundry, bags of groceries, and other hard-to-carry items! With the AmeriGlide Express dumbwaiter, moving goods and supplies in your multi-storied home is now fast and easy. After a few days of using it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without a dumbwaiter.

The Express Dumbwaiter:

  • Carries up to 100 pounds (200 pounds units are also available)
  • Standard interior dimensions are 20" W x 20" D x 30" H (custom sizes available up to 30" x 30" x 36")
  • 5-year warranty on drive train and 2-year warranty on parts
  • 1/3hp 90V DC motor
  • Plugs into a 115V AC grounded outlet

Faster installation than the competition. Unlike most electric dumbwaiters, which rely on complex pulley systems, AmeriGlide's Express dumbwaiter is pre-assembled in our factory. That means there are no pulleys to install, no intricate rail systems to assemble, and no complicated wiring to figure out! This makes installation of the AmeriGlide Express much easier than the competition.

NOTE: A shaft must be available or constructed in order to use the AmeriGlide Express dumbwaiter. Please consult with a local contractor for more information on shaft construction. We will work with your contractor to provide application drawings customized with dimensions for your specific project.

Installing the AmeriGlide Express Installation of the Express can be completed by a contractor, a handyman, or a skilled homeowner in these steps:

  1. Connect sections of track
  2. Secure the drive cable to the header
  3. Route the wires to the control buttons and door interlocks

And to facilitate installation and routine maintenance, simply use the temporary plug-in bypass control.

Designed to Fit Your Life. The express dumbwaiter by AmeriGlide, designed to meet ANSI standards, can travel up to 32' at a speed of 20 ft/minute while allowing for 2, 3, or 4 stops along the way. You'll appreciate design features like the two automatic, low-voltage (24V) control switches and the durable ivory powder-coated steel panel walls and doors. Stainless steel doors are also available. Because we know price is an important consideration when evaluating dumbwaiters, we offer one of the best values on the market!

Durability Is Key. Made in the USA of durable materials like extruded aluminum for the tracks and aircraft cable rated at 1,800-pound breaking strength, your new dumbwaiter comes with a five-year warranty on the drive train and a two-year warranty on parts. We also use low-voltage hoistway door interlocks (either G.A.L. or electromechanical, depending on your application). The Express Dumbwaiter system comes with upper and lower terminal limits as well as a final limit, standard.

Ready to order your AmeriGlide Express Dumbwaiter? Contact one of our dumbwaiter experts today to find out more about this product or to ask any questions you may have.

5 year drivetrain & 2 year component parts


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